Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ingredients to most easily accessible antiperspirants include aluminum, triclosan, and zirconium based compounds.

Sounds like one to avoid to me! There seems to be alot of controversy over this one. Whenever there's a big stink there's likely to be something rotten. I'd rather play if safe and avoid it.



I'm most concerned about the first two ingredients. I won't be giving up my deo but I have given up antiperspirants. I traded my Dove clinical strength for Tom's Natural Care of Maine. I'm not real happy to find that Tom's in apricot fragrance, which is what I'm using, is still rated 5 on cosmetics data base. The higher rating seems to be due to the apricot fragrance. I think I'll finish what I have and then switch to one with a lower rating.
I've seen that you can actually make your own deodorant. I might look into that more later.

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