Saturday, March 20, 2010

Made of Earth

Go green! Hug a tree! Save the Planet!!

To be honest, such exclamations used to make me roll my eyes. That's never been a bandwagon I wanted to jump on. My thoughts were that this planet isn't going to be around forever (according to Revelations) so there is no point in trying to save it.

HOWEVER, I find that natural living (trying to live safer) also is kinder to the planet. Trying to reduce the toxin load on my body is better for the planet. For example, using safer cleaners and eating organic. Then, I got to thinking. Could it be that being nice to the planet is better for the body? We are, after all, made of earth and when we die we'll be turning back into it. Could the things that hurt the planet hurt the human body as well?

I still take the strong stand that Earth is not going to be around forever and there is NOTHING we can do about that. But I can be a wise user of Earth. It is where I live and it produces valuable resources to me. I should be a good steward of it.

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