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The Maker's Diet book

Jordan S. Rubin is the author of this book. Before I get into what the book says that I'm taking to heart, let me be fair and share both sides of the story. Some believe that Jordan is a "quack."

Here is an interview with Jordan:
Here is the website for his supplements and other products:

Ok, so let me share how I feel. I don't think you need all of the certification some claim he needs to be "real." Why can't one have knowledge from experience, study, and research alone? Does a piece of paper from a specific group of people really make you better? While I will admit that I'm not sure I agree with everything he says, I do believe he shares alot of good information in his book. It just makes sense to me. Read the book. Do your own research. Then make a decision based on what you learned.

Following is what I'm taking away from the book and applying (most but not all) to my own life. Most of this comes from Chapter 5.
How to Get Sick: A Modern Prescription for Illness
1. Stay out of the sun
Jordan claims that, for the most part, sun does not make us ill. It is actually vital to human health (vitamin D). Those who get melanoma (skin cancer) is because they have compromised immune systems.
2. Go to bed after midnight
Rest is essential to good health.
3. Never let them see you sweat
This point covers the use of anti-perspirant. Sweating is healthy. Preventing it is not. Sweating is our natural way of cooling the body as well as shedding toxins. Most anti-perspirants are unhealthy as it contains aluminum. Aluminum is a toxin to the human body.
4. Take megavitamins
Most vitamins on the market are unnatural, synthetic, and artificial. They are not easily absorbed by the human body.
5. Use flouride toothpaste and mouthwash, and drink flouridated water
Flouride is extremely poisonous! This is why it is recommended that children are under a certain age are supposed to avoid it.
6. Use artificial sweeteners and avoid sugars
Sugar can be bad in various forms. Artificial sugar (NurtaSweet, Equal, etc) can be downright deadly.
7. Shower every day, but don't bathe (take a bath)
Excessive showering can rob hair and body of natural oils (as well as soak up chlorine; see next point).
8. Swim in chlorinated pools (and drink and shower with chlorinated water)
Chlorine is an effective bacteria killer. Even the good bacteria in your gut (which is needed for immunity). Chlorine is also effective at eating through lead pipes, corrode metal, and harm cells and DNA in virtually every living thing it touches. It is carcinogenic.
*On a side note, chlorine is used to bleach white bread and most disposable products such as menstrual products, diapers, etc. The bleaching process leaves behind dioxin, also a carcinogen. I'll be touching more on this in other posts.
9. Don't breastfeed your baby.
Mother's milk is the perfect food for babies.
10. Get tatoos.
11. Get all of your immunization shots.
This is a very controversial one as anyone with children well knows.
12. Travel in airplanes often.
Can affect fertility.
13. Expose yourself often to electromagnetic energy (EMF's)
EMF's are television sets, microwaves, cell phones, local media transmission towers, x-rays, CAT scans, MRI, electric blankets, hair dryers, and computers (oh no!).
14. Use alot of skin care products, cosmetics, hair care products, nail care products, shampoos, soaps, perfumes, shaving cream, suntan lotion, and antibacterial soaps.
This is the one I'm really focusing on right now as I can certainly do something about the products I use. Will write more about this later.
15. Take lots of medications.
Every medicine has a side effect. This includes antibiotics, oral contraceptives, cortisteroids. Even taking baby aspirin to prevent heart attacks is dangerous as it can cause bleeding in the intestinal track and can be toxic to the liver.
16. Get your cavities filled with mercury.
Mercury also goes by the name "silver fillings." Mercury is a heavy metal toxin.
17. Do aerobic excercise.
High intensity aerobic exercise producing a very high elevated heart rate for long periods of time through vigorous exercisse such as jogging or running on hard surfaces is essentially unnatural to the body.
18. Wear contact lenses and receive implants of other foreign objects such as silicone breast implants.
19. Live in a toxic home with toxic paint, carpet, mold, paraffin candles, etc.
20. Wear synthetic fabrics.
21. Breathe with shallow breaths.
Most of us use only a fraction of our lung capacity.
22. Swallow your food without chewing well (or at all).
23. Use plastic food storage products, the popular food wraps, and re-use plastic drinking bottles.
This is another one I've been focusing on. Will write more about this later.
24. Eat grocery store produce and processed foods treated with pesticides, herbicides, animal growth hormones, and antibiotics; don't forger hybridized, irradiated, and genetically altered food.
25. Wear tight underclothing.
Effects the lymph system which is crucial to the immune system.
26. Undergo surgery to remove "unnecessary body parts."
This would include tonsils, adenoids, appendix.
27. Visit your medical doctor often.

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